Find the most affordable face paint in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, without compromising on quality!

Best Face Painting Products

Sydney’s Best Face Painting Products

Being a face painter and working in Melbourne, Sydney and across Australia for 8 years now I have used countless brands of face paints. Here is a list I have put together of high quality, safe and professional face paints to use at any party or event and I’ve also identified which ones are a little more affordable, so you can increase your profits!

Paradise Makeup AQ:

Paradise face paints was my very first professional palette that I used as a face painter. I still use the palette as of today, and it contains some beautiful colours that are very easy to blend. Paradise Makeup AQ consists of a professional water based face paint that has a distinctive blend of ingredients that are very safe and gentle to use on all skin types. This includes chamomile and aloe vera (which makes it gentle to use on the skin), avocado oil, glycerine and coco butter to provide a good vibrant coverage. Paradise face paints have a great creamy texture which is very easy to blend with. Be aware that colour intensity is controlled by the amount of water used. When purchasing a variety of different colours in your 12-palette kit you need to be aware of the colour differences.

Example: The “red” in paradise face paints is not good for an overall coverage for a Spiderman face. The “red” contains darker pigments which makes it work best for blood effects. The “beach berry” is the perfect red to have in your kit. The “gold” paradise face paints tends to crumble so I tried Global FX and Tag and they seem to work much better. Both “black and white” paradise face paints are not very vibrant either. The white in particular has left a pale white residue on faces. It is perfect for a vampire look, but if you are after a very vibrant white full face coverage I would suggest “Snazaroo white.”

Tip for up and coming face painters in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth

Don’t be afraid to use different brands in your kit. You need to be able to try out a variety of different face paints in order to know what works best for you and your designs. Don’t feel the need to be restricted to just one brand name. So long as the face paints that you use are high quality and safe to use on everyone.


Tag face paints are water based and contain vibrant pigments to provide a superb coverage. I started off using TAG paints about 2yrs ago in only rainbow colours. All TAG rainbow colours provide amazing coverage and have vibrant colours in their selection. They have large rainbow cakes and one stroke paints (which are my favourite) and having too much in your kit is never a bad thing. TAG one stroke face paints are a life saver when it comes to a massive line as they are easy and fast to work with using a one stroke flat brush. After enjoying the rainbow colours so much I moved into singular paints and found that some of the face paints provided great coverage in designs. TAG is popular for their Neon/black light face paints. The white in particular is barely visible in the light, but under black light it provides an amazing spur of colour. TAG face paints are cheaper than Paradise face paints.


Snazaroo have very high standards in regards to quality and safety. The paints are water based and are easy to apply and remove. The Snazaroo face paints are not very vibrant in colour like paradise and TAG face paints. However, snazaroo white is still my favourite for full coverage which leaves no white streaks. Snazaroo face paints are much cheaper than other face paints on the market.

Wofle FX:

Wolfe FX are the best for outlining any design in both “black and white”. I started using Wolfe Fx last year and have never stopped using it. The face paints are very thick and contains a creamy texture which is perfect for outlining as it can be painted over any colour while still maintaining its brightness and density. I would not recommend to use Wolfe FX as a full-face coverage as is too thick and harder to blend.

Global Body Art:

Global body art face and body paint are water based paints that are cosmetic grade, 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Global colours are popular for their bold and vibrant colours. There are many different shades and colours to choose from which makes Global Body Art very different to other face painting brands. My favourite colour with global body art is “magenta”. This colour is perfect for any girl who loves pink or purple and it makes the best lipstick colour.

The other amazing product global body art offers is their wide range of colours in glitter gel tubes called Global Fx. The 36ml tube lasts for quite a long time and makes it a better value compared to American Body Art Liquid Bling. The only downside towards the Global Fx glitter gel is that it does not come with a detachable metal tip that makes it easier to manoeuvre over your designs. You have less control with the large tube as it can either stop or come out too much at once. Global body art is also another affordable to buy on the market.

I hope this information has provided you with some insight towards high quality, safe, professional and affordable face paints and that you can keep this in mind when you make your next face painting purchase! Attached is a picture of some of my favourite face paints in my face painting kit. Please note that you do not have to take your whole kit with you to every gig. Choose which colours work for you and are the most popular in your designs.


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