Face Painting Tutorial – Creating Ariel The Little Mermaid

Face Painting Tutorial

Step by Step Ariel the Mermaid – © Magic Mirror Face Painting Sydney

Ariel The Little Mermaid- Face Painting.

This month Magic Mirror Face Painting will be sharing with you a face painting tutorial with one of our most popular underwater sea designs, Ariel the Mermaid. This unique Princess mermaid design is always sure to be a party hit. Enjoy!

Face Painting Step 1:

Using FAB shimmer white sponge the white paint onto the eye. Sponge the paint a bit above the eyebrow and in the corner of eye.

Face Painting Step 2:

Using a Global colour teal mix your sponge with FAB shimmer white paint. This will create a nice green shimmer. Sponge this colour on top of the white paint above the eyebrow, corner of eye and bring the colour down towards the cheek to create rectangles.

Face Painting Step 3:

Using Wolfe Black FX and a number 4 Loew Cornell brush begin create swirls right next to the forehead. Do 3 tear drops starting from large, medium and small. On the corner of the eye begin to outline the green shape and do tear drops around the eyes. Add a few swirls and outline the edges in black.

Face Painting Step 4:

If you have a skin colour tone paint then this can be used for Ariel’s body. In this case we used paradise orange and snazaroo white and mixed this together slightly to get a skin tone colour. Ensure that you mix the colours together evenly so that Ariel’s face and body can have a natural skin colour. Begin to create an inverted triangle shape for the face. Using a number 3 brush, create Ariel’s arm and stomach. Make sure that there is enough space left for her purple top.

Face Painting Step 5:

Using Snazaroo Red and a number 4 brush outline Ariel’s hair ensuring that there are sharp flicks. Try to create a look as if her hair was swaying.

Face Painting Step 6:

To create Ariel’s purple top a TAG metallic purple was used. Repeating the colours as specified in step 2 use a Global colour teal mix your sponge with FAB shimmer white paint. This colour will be used to create Ariel’s tail. Outline the tail shape and create one large fin and one small fin at the end of the tail. Once the outline has been done, fill in the outline using the green shimmer paint.

Face Painting Step 7:

Using Wolfe FX black and white paint begin to create small and large dots on the other side of the face. Spray some glitter poof onto the whole design. Using Global FX blue and green glitter gels begin to dot this out onto the swirls and near the nose.

Face Painting Step 8:

The final step of the design is to outline Ariel in Wolfe black using a thin brush either a number 1 or 2. Outline her hair, face, arms, stomach and tail. Paint 2 small flicks for the eyes and paint a small nose. Using Paradise pink paint and a number 1 brush create Ariel’s lips (leave a small gap between her lips). Outline some of the design using Wolfe white to create definition. Again using Global FX glitter gels green and purple dot the gel onto the purple top and the green tail to give it a sparkling finishing effect.

We hope you have enjoyed this step by step Ariel the mermaid design. Alternatively if you would prefer a team of professional face painters to complete this design for you, you can call Magic Mirror Face Painting Sydney on 0422 172 180.

Happy Painting!