Face Painting Sydney

Face Painting Sydney- The Perfect Kids Party Idea!

Suitable for all ages.

Magic Mirror Face Painting are Sydney’s and Melbourne #1 destination to book your next fun filled children’s party entertainment! (We’re also very popular in Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth)

At Magic Mirror, our fabulous entertainers can make sure that your kid’s party will be an event to remember. Our professional team of face painters travel all around Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, and bring the party fun to you. Guaranteed!

Just watch in minutes or even seconds as our artistic entertainers transform your guests into something magical that will leave everyone saying: “That’s the best face painting we have ever seen!”.

What kind of face paints do we use?

Our skilled entertainers use FDA approved paints of the highest quality, which means that all paints are strictly in compliance with cosmetic regulations and are not tested on animals. At Magic Mirror, we take pride in ensuring our customers are painted with high quality products which are safe and gentle to use on all skin types (and of course are easy to wash off after the party is over using only soap and water), we don’t believe in using the cheap stuff. We use known brands including: Paradise Makeup AQ, Wofle FX, Kryolan and TAG. The paints that we use are professional water based paints and are hypo-allergic. They contain a high concentration of pigment and are very vibrant in colour. This allows our creative designs to stand out in the crowd and last for hours. Our favourite paint that we use is Paradise Makeup AQ.

These paints smell delicious and contain a unique blend of ingredients that are very safe for all skin types. This includes Chamomile and Aloe vera which makes it gentle for all skin types and also Coco Butter, Avocado oil and glycerine to provide a saturated coverage. We only use the highest quality paints because we know children and adults can have sensitive skin types so our customers can have peace of mind. When the paint is applied to the face it won’t start to crack and your guests won’t even know that they had their face painted as it dries on smoothly like makeup.

Sydney & Melbourne Parties

Whether you’re having a superhero, princess, Disney or an animal theme, our artistic entertainers can always face paint creative designs to suit any theme. We also offer great prices on amazing neon glow in the dark face painting. What is that? If you’re having a disco themed party or simply just having your children’s party at a ten-pin bowling alley, then neon face painting is the way to go. With our special glow in the dark option your guests can walk around and enjoy the party with their designs glowing in the dark under a black light. Awesome right?!

What are our design options?

Here is a list of some of the many designs that your guests can choose from: Butterfly, Fairy, Frozen Princess, Love Heart Princess, Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Vampire, Skull, Monster and many, many more!


Our kids packages include:

  • A super fun entertainer at your chosen venue.
  • All children having their faces painted with our amazing selection to choose from.
  • Your entertainer dressed up as a character to suit your theme. See our Characters page for more information.

How Many Faces Can They Paint an Hour?

Generally, each of our artistic entertainers can paint up to the following amount of faces per hour:

  • 1hr: up to 12 faces
  • 1.5hrs: up to 17 faces
  • 2hrs: up to 25 faces

For larger groups or for a longer duration additional team members may be required. Please contact our team to discuss your options.

Face Painting Prices Sydney

At Magic Mirror, we aim to provide customers with affordable prices to suit the needs of their special event, we even offer party/event planners and children’s entertainment. Call our team on 0422 172 180 for a no obligation quote. You won’t be disappointed!