Face Painting Tutorial – Creating Disney’s ‘Frozen’

Step by Step Queen Elsa from Frozen

Queen Elsa from Frozen- Face Painting Tutorial
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Frozen Queen Elsa- Face Painting.

Each month Magic Mirror Face Painting will be sharing a popular and unique face painting design with other face painters. We all know how popular the movie Frozen is with little girls and how everyone adores Queen Elsa. So we have come up with a creative and popular design that you could use on any birthday girl at any Frozen party. Enjoy!

Face Painting Step 1:

Create an outline for the face and neck using a skin colour face paint. I didn’t have that speciffic colour so Paradise orange and white was mixed together to create this colour. Then fill in the whole area using the skin colour paint. Mix yellow and white paradise together to create Elsa’s blonde hair. You need to create flicks near the forehead to create a small fringe on the side. Start creating flicks closer to the eyes to create dimension for the hair and move down towards the neck and create a braid effect (from left to right).

Face Painting Step 2:

To create Elsa’s dress a light blue from Paradise paint was used. Then using a sponge dab some Paradise light blue and FAB white shimmer together and sponge this onto the end of the dress to create a nice blend. This prevents the dress from looking too painted and leaves a nice blue shimmer at the end of the dress. Using Wofle FX black begin to create Elsa’s eyes. Ensure that you leave space in the eye as seen in picture 2 as other colours will be painted onto the eye.

Face Painting Step 3:

Using Paradise light blue and white begin to fill in the eye. Go back and outline the eye again using Wolfe black as this will ensure that the eyes stand out. Create 3 dots on each eye using Wolfe white paint. Begin to trace Elsa out using Paradise brown paint, ensure that a thin/fine brush is used. Trace around her face, hair, create a small nose and eye brows. (Do not use a black outline as this would be to overpowering for this character). Use magenta from Global Colours to create the lips, leave a little space in the middle of the lips to create a nice effect. While your brush has the magenta paint on it, it is a good idea to paint the lips as well. Every girl loves a bit of lipstick!

Face Painting Step 4:

Using Wofle Fx white begin to do star bursts on the left side near Elsa’s dress and a few dots ranging in various sizes. Also begin to do small dots on Elsa’s dress to create a sparkly dress and using the white create a few highlights in her hair.

Face Painting Step 5:

To create the frozen blue eyes use FAB white shimmer and mix this with a dab of Paradise light blue. Sponge this onto the eye lids and just under the eyebrow. Then sponge on Paradise lagoon blue onto the top and using the back of the sponge blend the two colours together. Spray a bit of glitter onto the blue while it is still damp. You can use which ever jewel for the middle of the face or even paint a large snow flake. However, since there will be snow flakes in this design every girl loves jewels on their face.

Face Painting Step 6:

Using Wolfe Fx white paint begin to paint tear drops around the love heart from large to small. Use the jewel as a focus point to get the tear drops in line. Begin to outline the blue eye desgin using the same white and create swirls and tear drop effects. Use a BAM stencil sponge on Wolfe white paint using the frozen stencil to create different sized snowflakes.

Face Painting Step 7:

Repeat the same steps onto the other side.

Face Painting Step 8:

Lastly, using Global FX glitter gels in aqua blue and dark green begin to dot the inside of each snowflake and do dots near the eyes and on top of the nose to give that extra sparkle to the design.