How to choose the right entertainment?

How to choose the right entertainment? Kids Party With Queen Elsa

How to choose the right entertainment?
Children’s Birthday Party With Queen Elsa

Entertainment Advice for Children’s Parties

We all know when it comes down to hiring an entertainer it can be tough and very time consuming. Hiring an entertainer for your party can be fun and provide your guests with an eventful night, but how do you choose the right entertainment for you?

It all comes down to doing some research! Depending on the type of entertainment you are after you need to know where to look. The best way to start is to ask friends and family if they know of someone or if they could refer you to someone. This option allows you to cut down your research time and gives you the opportunity to get some feedback about the entertainer. Your friends or family may have witnessed this entertainer in person, so ask as many questions as you can.

If your family and friends do not know of anyone or cannot recommend someone then your best option is to do some research. Let’s say you are looking for a balloon twister in Sydney. Sometimes the first company on google may not offer you what you desire so have a look around. Here is a list to assist you.

  • Start looking at reviews/testimonials on what other customers have experienced and if this satisfies you.
  • Have a budget in mind so you know how much you are willing to spend on the day. Look at the entertainers photos and view their website to see their work.
  • Have a few numbers written down so you know which companies were the most appealing to you.
  • Don’t be pressured into booking with the first call. You are not obliged to book unless you are satisfied with their offering.
  • Call around to obtain a quote of different prices. Keep in mind that the cheapest and the most expensive entertainment isn’t always the best. This is why it is better to talk to someone on the phone so that you can get a good understanding of what they have to offer.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the entertainer if there is a price change with a longer booking or additional entertainers.
  • If you are booking a children’s party ensure the entertainment companies all have Working With Children’s Checks and Public Liability Insurance.
  • Ask the entertainer if they require a deposit, cash on the day or full payment prior to the event.
  • Be sure to ask if there are any additional costs including GST or travelling costs. A lot of entertainment companies don’t tell you this and when it comes down to receiving the invoice there is a price change.
  • If it is a children’s party ask if the entertainer comes dressed up as a character and if this is complimentary or at an additional cost?
  • Ask about cancellation policies and be sure to know this in case your party gets cancelled as there may be a no refund policy.

What kind of entertainment is out there to have at your party?

That is a good question! Depending on whether it is a party for a child, adult or a an event you may want one or a combination of both. Here is a list with some of the different types of entertainment you can have at your party.

Face/Body Painting

Face/Body Painting

  • Face painter
  • Balloon Twister
  • Clown
  • Magician
  • Air brush tattooist
  • Henna Artist
  • Comedian
  • Mascot characters
  • Dancers
  • Body painters
  • Party planners
  • Cartoonist
  • DJ and many more

We hope this information helps you with organising your next party.