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Makeup Services Sydney

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Magic Mirror Beauty

Magic Mirror Beauty

At Magic Mirror our experienced makeup artists can make you look flawless on your special day as we have Sydney’s #1 Makeup Artists.

We can work with all skin types and tones assuring you that your makeup is applied naturally and to your satisfaction. Our experienced makeup artists work closely with you from day one right to your very special day. We take pride in ensuring that our customers are provided with the best make up experience.

Creative Photo Shoot

Creative Photo Shoot

Our team always ensures that strict hygiene practices are followed at all times. To provide the best makeup for you at your wedding we advise our customers to have a trial before their big day. We want to take the stress away from you and want our customers to feel stunning on their special day. At Magic Mirror we specialise in bridal make up of all ethnicities but not limited to:

  • Indian Bridal Makeup
  • Caucasian Bridal Makeup
  • Asian Bridal Makeup
  • African Bridal Makeup


Magic Mirror Beauty- Makeup Application

Magic Mirror Beauty-Makeup Application

Our team also has experience providing makeup services for various occasions including but not limited to:

  • Formals
  • Birthday Parties
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Special Occasions


Makeup Techniques

Whether you’re a part of the bridal party or simply a guest at any given event we know all of the tips and tricks of the trade to give you the look you desire.

Art Nouveau Photo Shoot

Art Nouveau Photo Shoot

Several different techniques are involved to achieve a glamorous day look or a glamorous night look. The important thing to understand about makeup is that it has to be applied based on the type of face shape you have.

The reality is that whilst everyone has a unique face, the shape of your face can generally be categorized as oval, round, rectangular, diamond, inverted triangle, triangular or even square. Quite often it will even be a mixture of two of these shapes.

The ideal face shape that makeup artists try to achieve on everyone is an oval shape. This look is achieved through contouring and highlighting. In the makeup world, highlighting and contouring promotes definition and enhances your bone structure to achieve the most glamorous look.

When it comes to choosing the right eye shadow there are many different types of colours and shades, but determining your natural eye shape will help you find the most satisfying colour for your lids.

Creative Make-up Art Nouveau Photo Shoot

Creative Make-up Art Nouveau Photo Shoot

The different eye shapes are deep set eyelids, hooded eyelids, monolid, protruding eyes, upturned eyes, downturned eyes, close set eyes and wide set eyes.

Choosing the right colour lip stick depends on the type of look that you are trying to achieve, darker shades are usually worn at night whereas lighter shade compliment your skin in daylight.

When completing your glamorous makeup look, black gel waterproof eyeliner should be applied on the top of the eyelids to enhance your shape so that it is bold and bright.

Lastly, black mascara should be applied, or even better, fake lashes which will make your lashes look healthier, longer and fuller.

Makeup Packages:

  • Phone consultation where our makeup artists work closely with you to decide what look you are trying to achieve. This allows us to cater for a range of different options.
  • Trial (optional)
  • Creative Makeup- Art Nouveau

    Creative Makeup- Art Nouveau

  • Our makeup artist working with you on your special day so that your makeup is flawless


Makeup Booking Group Sizes:

For a longer duration additional makeup artists may be required call our team on 0422 172 180 to discuss your options.

Makeup Artists Prices Sydney:

Call our team at Magic Mirror on 0422 172 180 to discuss your options to cater for your special day.