Tips For Organising The Best Birthday Party In Sydney!

Organising your child’s birthday takes time and effort. In the excitement of it all important things can be missed. To ensure that everything goes smoothly on your child’s special day, it is important to plan things ahead of time. If you follow these 8 important tips for organising the best birthday party, we can assure you that your party will go according to plan.

Kids’ Party Planing Step 1: Finding the right date:

It is very important that when you are organising a birthday party that you have a date picked out. Organising a party on the weekend can be easier than having it on during the weekday, as your guests might not be working and the children are not going to school.

Kids’ Party Planing Step 2: Venue:

Choosing the right venue for your child’s birthday can be tricky as there can be certain restrictions. When planning for the venue of the party the two most important things to consider are space and location. By having your party at home it is important to take into consideration the type of space you have. Ask yourself if all the guests were attending my party would the house accommodate everyone? Home parties are less expensive and easier to manage for some parents. Hiring a hall, having your party at a children’s play centre or at a restaurant are one of the many options there are for venues.

When hiring an entertainer for a specific venue for example at a children’s play centre it is important to contact the venue first before hiring an entertainer. You will need to ask the venue if you are allowed to have an entertainer perform at your party examples are a face painter or clown. It is very important to contact the venue first because you don’t want to book an entertainer knowing that you are unable to have them due to the venues policy. Another important consideration to have in mind is the location of your party. Is the party accessible for everyone? How far is it from public transport and is there parking available on site or on the road?

Kids’ Party Planing Step 3: Sending invites:

Once your date and venue have been selected, start to prepare the invites. If your child is having a specific theme for their birthday then you might want to make the invites match the theme. A good time to send out invites is at least 3 weeks ahead of time. This is to ensure that all your guests have sufficient time to book the date in and RSVP back in time.

Kids’ Party Planing Step 4: Involve your child in the planning of the party:

If your child is old enough it is important to involve them in the planning of their party. Ask your child to suggest different ideas they may like at their party. Don’t leave everything up to your child as some requests they give to you may not be doable such as farm animals in an apartment. A child will feel more special on their big day when they know that they took part in the planning process.

Kids’ Party Planing Step 5: Theme:

When organising a birthday party or event it is not always important to have a specific theme. However, if you or your child may have a particular interest in something then you can plan your party around a theme. If you are unsure about where to start either ask your child if they are old enough otherwise think about their favourite movie, TV show or colour.

Here are some theme ideas to help you:

  • Princess children’s party theme
  • Superhero children’s party theme
  • Disney children’s party theme
  • Cultural children’s party theme
  • Rainbow or specific colour children’s party theme
  • Animal children’s party theme


Kids’ Party Planing Step 6: Menu:

When planning a birthday you need to think about what kind of party you are going to have. Is it a short party which will only be serving cake and tea/coffee? Or a lunch/dinner party? When inviting guests to your party you need to take into account if you are going to be having food or what type of food is going to be served. If you hired a venue you need to know if there is food going to be served and what types of food will be available. You will also need to ask the venue if you are allowed to bring your own birthday cake. When planning for a menu be aware of any allergies (avoid nuts or peanut butter).

Kids’ Party Planing Step 7: Entertainment:

If you are planning for a party that is going to be for several hours you might want to consider what kind of entertainment you are going to have to keep the children entertained. Having music at a party is important and it gets everyone from all ages onto the dance floor! If there are going to be many children at the party and you are unsure on how to keep them occupied you might want to consider hiring an entertainer.

Magic Mirror Face Painting offers different packages including face painting, balloon twisting and glitter tattoos for all ages call 0422 172 180 to enquire about our packages. If you are keen on organising some games at your party pin the tail on the donkey or musical statues are old fashioned games but are still a party hit! This game is suitable for 4 yr olds as they could be new to discovering this game. For the ages of 6yr olds and up they enjoy more challenging games including piñata, treasure hunt or jumping sack races.

Kids’ Party Planing Step 8: Presents:

Do you or don’t you open presents in front of your party guests? Opening presents after everyone has left can be less stressful and can avoid the situation of someone hearing that your child may not like their present. Opening presents with your child is a wonderful way to end the party. If presents are opened after the party be sure to write a thank you note.

We hope these 8 simple steps help you achieve a perfect birthday party!

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